Personal Relocation Services

Arosal has a highly experienced team at your disposal, to assist with all of your global relocation needs when making Cyprus your home, particularly in dealing with the various authorities such as the Civil Registry and Migration Department, Labor Department, Ministry of Interior etc. Though this is not the core of our business, here at Arosal we understand that when introducing an international corporate structure, or hiring high-caliber people from foreign jurisdictions, the migration issues that emerge are an integral part of the process, and can delay the entire set-up if done wrong.

What We Offer

In this respect, we offer our clients a supplementary full range of migration services, which cover but are not limited to:

  • Registration of a company as a Foreign Interest Entity (FIE);
  • Obtainment of entry and work permits for third country nationals working for FIEs (including their family members);
  • Assistance with the application to the Labor Department for non-FIE entities wishing to employ 3rd country nationals;
  • Registration of EU nationals taking up residence in Cyprus (MEU1 Registration);
  • Guidance on the application for naturalization of investors under the Cyprus Investment Program, for obtainment of a Cyprus passport.
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