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In the post-BEPS era, taxpayers as well as tax authorities worldwide are struggling to come to grips with the new norms characterizing the global fiscal landscape. As a result of these rapid changes some are convinced that international tax planning will inevitably decline, however the need for a sound and robust international corporate structure for optimizing tax efficiency is as profound as ever.

By being ahead of these global developments, startups, multinational MNE’s, large international businesses and global travelers are able to plan their structures in a way which will not be challenged and continue to benefit from the offshorization of their assets. Many times, decision makers trying to continue doing business in the ‘old way’ end up switching to highly abusive structures to benefit from a loophole resulting from the inconsistent introduction of BEPS related tax laws across the globe. However, in the long run most of these loopholes will be eradicated, leaving such structures greatly exposed and causing more reputational harm whilst costing even more than what full compliance from the onset would have.

Here at Arosal, we are adamant that the cost of non-compliance is far higher and very likely to be caught out by anti-abuse measures, therefore we are here to offer our advice on how to implement a fully compliant structure, whilst still focusing on your bottom line.

What We Offer

Arosal offers a full range of tax services to both individuals and legal entities, covering all areas of taxation including (but not limited to):

  • Local and International Taxation;
  • Direct and Indirect Taxation;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • Stamp Duties and Land Transfer Fees.

Our team of tax experts is on call to offer specific tax projects, including amongst others:

  • Local and International Tax Planning;
  • Tax Advice;
  • Assistance with obtainment of Tax Rulings;
  • Tax Registration;
  • Tax Compliance Services;
  • Aid with the preparation and submission of Tax/VAT Returns;
  • OECD based Transfer Pricing Studies.

Liquidation support services

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Winding up is not easy. We assist with receiving advice and guidance for businesses who have come to the end of their life cycle as to how to properly wind up. From preparing the Final Accounts to de-registering at tax authorities our tax and compliance team helps in taking care of the statutory requirements that the entities need to follow while closing.

How we help

  • Preparation of accounts;
  • Tax Loss set off and group relief;
  • Advise for dividend and capital withdrawal;
  • De-registering from payroll obligations;
  • De-registering from VAT and Income Tax register;
  • Assistance with the computation of any final tax liabilities and their respective settlement;
  • Assistance with the required tax examination and ultimately receiving tax clearance certificate/s.

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