Accounting Services

We provide a full range of comprehensive accounting services for small, medium-sized and large Cyprus and international business companies. Arosal possesses the experience and capabilities in implementing projects for geographically dispersed companies covering Cyprus and other EU countries. We have accumulated significant experience with Cyprus and international business companies in various business areas, including trade, construction and real estate, finance and investment, manufacturing, services, and information technology.

When discussing potential cooperation, your company can choose the level and volume of accounting services that you currently need.

What We Offer

Reflecting on a Client’s business activities in business and tax accounting, as well as in the accounting system, our services include:

  • Monitoring the correctness of incoming primary documentation;
  • Monthly cash flow budgeting and accrual-based accounting;
  • Preparation of financial statements and submitting them in electronic form to the tax authorities;
  • Filing and storage of primary accounting documents for five years from the date of issue;
  • Payroll accounting (available as a separate service);
  • Personnel records maintenance (available as a separate service).
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Improving and optimizing accounting processes

As part of the project solution, we govern the procedures for interaction, eliminating bottlenecks and duplication of functions, and participating in the development of common standards and building control procedures.

Additional Services

  1. Creating new or adjusting existing accounting policies;
  2. Review of accounting department effectiveness;
  3. Posting out of accounting personnel with varying skills;
  4. Budget preparation and tax forecasting;
  5. Restoration of lost financial statements;
  6. Cloud based accounting system training and implementation.

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